I’m often asked how an Execugram program is executed and how much time and what resources clients need to expect to contribute to make the program work. Allow me to explain.

We currently have two different Execugram “products”. Each product is designed to achieve different objectives. These are Execugram Greetings and Execugram Comics.

Execugram Greetings
Execugram Greetings are personalized Superhero Canvases measuring 11”x14”. These are best suited simply as door openers with executives — often with executives who have been newly hired into a role or who have completed a significant accomplishment. They’re also used as client gifts. There is an option to include a 200-word message on a greeting.

So, to execute this program, all we need is a list of the executives you want to reach, a photo or link to their LinkedIn profile, a valid mailing address, and your 200-word message. We also encourage you to have valid email addresses to enable better follow-up. Some clients use 1 message for all Executives and others create a unique message to others. We can usually execute an Execugram Greeting campaign in less than 4 weeks – from the moment we sign an SOW to the time the Greetings land on their desks. We typically work with a demand generation or ABM marketer.

Execugram Comics
Execugram Comics are more involved and take more time and effort, but they serve a very powerful purpose. Execugram Comics tell the story of an executive and how you help them solve a problem to become a Superhero. The story is brought to life in a 12-panel personalized comic, printed on a 2’x3’ canvas panel and then shipped to the executive by UPS with tracking. This process typically takes 8 weeks from signing the SOWs to delivery to the prospect.

Execugram Comics are used for engaging executives when you really want to tell your story and position your value proposition. They are ideal for complex sales that involve several stakeholders and where you need to get a tailored value prop in front of each stakeholder simultaneously.

Since Execugram Comics get into the nuances of the prospects’ problems and your solution, we often work with a demand generation or ABM marketer as well as a product marketer or product manager who has intimate knowledge of the customer problem and your solution.

In this case, we start by interviewing your product expert to understand the nuances of your solution and your differentiators. We use this information to create a script and storyboard. Once the script and storyboard are complete, we typically go through a couple of iterations to get to where we want to be.

While we’re doing this, your demand or ABM marketers will be working on identifying targets and verifying their shipping and email addresses. Execugram Comics are often sent on behalf of account managers, so there’s often some briefing of the account team on the program, getting account information, and helping them understand the follow-up process. We have a follow-up process and messaging that we provide to your team and can train your team if desired.

All Execugram art, whether they are Greetings or Comics, are subject to your final approval before we move into production. We want no surprises!

So, that’s what’s involved. We do all we can to make your life easy. Please contact me to learn more.


Dario Priolo
Dario Priolo

Dario brings over 15 years of marketing leadership experience in the human capital and sales training industry. He has help c-level positions with Miller Heiman, Profiles International, Richardson, and Sales Performance International, and has been a consultant to dozens more training and technology companies. He is an expert in complex B2B sales and brings this experience to help his clients develop and execute impactful marketing and demand generation strategies.

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