Timing is an important but often overlooked variable in enterprise solution marketing. Whether you sell platforms, point solutions or professional services, timing matters a lot.

If you do proper win-loss reviews, you will probably notice a pattern for when organizations are “in market” to buy the solutions you offer. When I do this work for clients, I often see “triggers” such as new leaders from the outside with a new vision and strategy that requires new investment in people, process and technology to execute.

Other Important Triggers

Other important triggers are M&A, change in ownership, new funding, new product launch, expansion into new regions, managing a crisis and regulatory change. The existence of strategy consultants like McKinsey, Bain or BCG are also a sign of change. There may be others, of

There are also triggers when software licenses near expiration and noticeable trends when legacy systems will be modernized. In publicly traded companies, these triggers are revealed in investor presentations by CEO’s and executives touting “digital transformation” programs to compete in a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive market. New technology platforms can also spawn investment to re-engineer processes and streamline organizations.

Organizations with the ability to identify their triggers and credibly demonstrate how they can help in the pending change stand to benefit tremendously. Those organization that can position themselves first have a clear competitive advantage. According to Forrester Research, you have a 74% chance of winning business if you’re the first to create a viable vision of the future with a prospect.

Those that miss the trigger or arrive late to the dance will either miss the opportunity or find themselves trying to play catch-up – usually unsuccessfully. In high-value enterprise deals, there’s high reward but also high risk. It’s worth pulling out all the stops to engage aggressively, get there first and gain the competitive advantage.

The Takeaway

The big takeaway here is first, know the triggers and second move quickly and aggressively to position yourself with high-influence buyers. But, this is easier said than done. That’s why we’ve developed expertise in helping our clients to identify triggers, identifying key players in these organizations, and getting the attention of senior-level buyers and influencers — guaranteed.

How Execugram Helps

Through our Execugram Comics, we help get your story in front of key players in accounts simultaneously, and in a way that is fresh, fun and appreciated. We do this by telling the story about a day in their life and a problem that you can help them solve. Dialog for each comic
emphasizes how your solution helps to address the specific needs of each stakeholder.

We ship Execugram Comics to your prospects by UPS with tracking. This enables you to reach all target executives in an account at the same time and coordinate your follow-up for maximum impact. We guarantee that they will read your message and you will differentiate yourself in an amazing way.

In summary, we can help you to identify triggers and the key players in the account, engage all stakeholders in a way that’s guaranteed to get noticed and be appreciated and gain a first mover advantage.

Execugram is very easy to pilot, so if you haven’t tried it then I encourage you to do so. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Dario Priolo
Dario Priolo

Dario brings over 15 years of marketing leadership experience in the human capital and sales training industry. He has help c-level positions with Miller Heiman, Profiles International, Richardson, and Sales Performance International, and has been a consultant to dozens more training and technology companies. He is an expert in complex B2B sales and brings this experience to help his clients develop and execute impactful marketing and demand generation strategies.

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