One of the things that we’ve done is we’ve adopted the Execugram. The Execugram has really shaken up many of our prospects. I wasn’t really expecting the kind of reaction that we got, but what Execugram does is it provides us an avenue into people that we never would have had access to and the conversation starts off with a laugh. They all get a big kick out of getting a superhero comic sent to them

Execugram is a great way to start because we’re not coming from a point of customer & buyer. We’re coming together from a point of a common thing which is a gift that we’ve provided them. We start off with that type of conversation. I would probably say 40 percent of the time I’ve engaged people who received an Execugram they tell me that that they get inundated with training companies who are trying to reach them, but because we went out of our way and took a unique approach, they are going to give us some time to talk and for that we’re grateful. We’re looking forward to closing some business as a result of these Execugrams.


Dario Priolo
Dario Priolo

Dario brings over 15 years of marketing leadership experience in the human capital and sales training industry. He has help c-level positions with Miller Heiman, Profiles International, Richardson, and Sales Performance International, and has been a consultant to dozens more training and technology companies. He is an expert in complex B2B sales and brings this experience to help his clients develop and execute impactful marketing and demand generation strategies.

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