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We serve some of the world’s most successful and fastest growing companies.

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We create epic, personalized artwork Executives cherish.

In a world numb to marketing, we help you gain access to executive-level decision makers, and drive sales faster and with less effort. We do this by creating epic, personalized artwork that tell engaging stories about a leader’s challenges and your ability to help them.

Most marketing content now goes unnoticed, but leaders cherish Execugram artwork, and display it proudly as recognition for their hard work and success. We position you as their trusted partner, reaching new levels of success together. This cuts through the noise to land new accounts, retain and grow existing accounts, and build life-long loyalty.

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Is Execugram Right for You?

Most of our clients sell high-value solutions that require support or sign-off from senior-level executives to buy.

Typical industries include:
Enterprise Technology, Professional Services, Business Services, Financial Services, Medical Device, Industrial Equipment, Capital Equipment

Executives in these industries are notoriously difficult to reach, inundated with SPAM email, and typically don’t answer telephone calls from numbers they don’t recognize. Furthermore, they often travel or are in meetings, and have administrative assistants who guard their access.

They use Execugram artwork to support:

  • Executive-level prospecting
  • Account-based marketing
  • Trigger-event prospecting
  • Closing “must win” deals
  • Building life-long loyalty

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Launching an Execugram Campaign is Fast and Easy

We know you’re busy and resource constrained. Our Client Success Team will walk you through the entire process and do most of the heavy lifting. There are three phases of an Execugram campaign:

1. Strategy & Plan

  • Tell us about what you sell and the problems you solve for your customers
  • We will tailor a storyboard that reflects the unique value you create
  • Tell us about the executives you want to reach, such as:
  • Target prospects in named accounts or that fit your ideal customer profile
  • Existing clients who you want to recognize for outstanding achievement in partnership with you

2. Create the Artwork

  • We personalize each storyboard for your customer or prospect. They become the hero of their story, and you are their trusted partner enabling their success
  • We will produce an epic 2’x3’ canvas print in full color, mounted for easy framing
  • We take care of all the shipping and handling, and will notify you as soon as the art has been received

3. Follow-Up

  • You follow-up to build or strengthen your relationship, and stimulate interest that leads to new opportunities
  • We can even monitor trigger-events and fully manage the process for you


See Client Impact

Client Impact

Every client is different, but below are some aggregate results that we’ve collected over the past 18 months:

  • 80%

    Executive Connect Rate

    Vs. .1% through other methods

  • 53%

    Sole-sourced Deals

    95% increase

  • $135K

    Average Deal Size

    33% increase

  • 45%

    Average Profit Margin

    30% increase

  • 2.7

    Average Sales Cycle Time in months.

    42% decrease

  • 950%

    Average Program ROI

    9x higher than typical marketing program

Getting Started

Most clients will start with a pilot program. Contact us and we will help you select a use case that will deliver an outstanding impact. Please complete this brief form or call us at 267.265.7150

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